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Inversion Series (4 weeks)

During this 4 week workshop you will be carefully guided into a variety of basic to advanced inversions, with modifications, props, and full variations of each pose.  We will break down the physical requirements for lifting and use core/upper body strengthening as well as hamstring and lower back opening exercises to help transition into lifting more easily. Special attention will be paid to the shoulders including placement, strengthening and opening exercises. We’ll also discuss some self-love exercises to do outside of practice to prevent wrist issues.

Learning to invert the body can be a joyous and fun experience. There are many small steps that we can take towards the full expression of these postures. The mental effort is enormous and your troubles will melt away as you play and laugh your way through this workshop.

Who is this course good for?

This course is appropriate for everyone!  All of these asanas have preparation exercises that we will practice. 

Inversions we will work towards:

•Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward Facing Dog

•Viparita Karani - Legs up the wall

•Makarasana - Dolphin

•Salamba Sarvangasana - Shoulder Stand

•Sirsasana – Headstand and Salamba Sirsasana II – Supported Headstand (Tripod)

•Adho Mukha Vrksasana - Handstand

When we invert the body the front of the body becomes the back of the body in the way of perception. Falling forward will place you on your back and this is scary! Developing awareness in these unusual places so that you can come out of the pose with grace can be accomplished by using the wall and working in partners. 

We will learn and practice exercises that build stability, flexibility and fortitude in the core, hands, arms, shoulders and upper back. Counter these strength building techniques with yin stretches that release tension and will allow you to relax into the postures. 

What can this course do for you?

Inverting the body is very good for stress as placing the body upside-down soothes the sympathetic nervous system. Our ‘flight/fight and freeze’ response is satiated and our parasympathetic system ‘rest and digest mode’ is stimulated. An overall feeling of calm and tranquility lies in the wake of a long inversion.

It takes time to master these poses and you may not describe these poses as relaxing at the onset but with practice you will! Learn how to do these postures when you are not stressed so that when the pressure goes up in your life you have these tools mastered and ready to go.

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