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So, what does Veda mean, anyway?


ˈvādə,ˈvēdə/ [vey-duh, vee-]


Veda is a Sanskrit word from the root, vid, meaning “to know." The most ancient Hindu scriptures, written in early Sanskrit and containing hymns, philosophy, and guidance on ritual for the priests of Vedic religion.


A little more about us…

We are a the trio behind Veda. A foodie-loving, Netflix binging, outdoor adventure craving family. So basically…we love balance! Veda is a family operated business, striving to bring the love of yoga to everyone in our community.

My name is Sophie, I am the owner and one of the instructors at Veda! For me, a perfect day would include soaking up some sunshine, moving my body, nourishing myself with delicious food, and honouring my body and mind with rest. At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with scoliosis, and prescribed a life of yoga and regular massage therapy. Not knowing of any yoga studios, I purchased my first yoga DVD that I followed at home (I actually think I still have it!). A few years later I moved to University and craved an activity that wasn’t reading, studying, or researching in the library. I found a yoga studio close to the University and began attending multiple times per week. This is when I fell in love with the practice. I remember spending my days in class and studying, and escaping to the studio in the evening to relax my mind and body. This is when I decided that one day I would retire and open a yoga studio. At 27 years old, we opened Veda. That’s a pretty early retirement, eh? Well, lucky for me, I figured out quite quickly that this was my life’s work, I decided I would no longer wait until retirement, and would build this community as soon as I could. My husband, Jay, is our behind the scenes Tech guru, working hard to keep everything running smooth. And our darling daughter, Aubrey, is the smiling ray of sunshine that you may sometimes see at the studio (if you’re lucky enough to catch her!).

We built Veda to be a place where everyone would feel welcome, and everyone could find something to appeal to their needs. Whether you’re in the mood for a Vinyasa flow, a Restorative class, Pilates, Reiki energy healing, or a little meditation…we have it and are ready to serve you.

We look forward to welcoming each and every one of you into our Veda family. A place we hold dear to our hearts, and we hope it brings you as much light, joy, and healing as it does for us.

I love chatting about all things yoga and wellness, if you want to discuss what class styles are best for you, then reach out to me! or 905-447-3933