Yoga for Headache Relief

I think we all know what a headache feels like, and how it can completely throw a wrench in your day. Well over the past week I seem to have had a lot of them. If I go over my day, most likely they have been from dehydration, but i’m sure they could also be caused by many other things - such as the drastic changes in weather that we’ve been having.

So when I need a fix for something, I like to turn to yoga and put together a flow to help. These following 6 poses are all used for increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Although there isn’t concrete evidence to suggest that inversions cure or reduce headaches, we do now that headaches can be caused by the lack of oxygen flow to the brain.


Hold each of these poses for 3 to 5 breaths, and if it feels good to hold them for longer, then stay as long as you want. I personally enjoy hanging in the forward fold as I feel instant relief.

☆ Forward Fold

☆ Downward Facing Dog

☆ Puppy Pose

☆ Child’s Pose

☆ Seated Forward Fold

☆ Bridge Pose

When we think of inversions, we typically think about headstands and handstands, and we shy away from these poses. Let me tell you, when I have a headache, I don’t think about jumping into a headstand either. In yoga, when we talk about inversions, we are referring to any pose where the head is below the heart. The majority of our day is spent with the head above the heart (standing or sitting), so when we reverse this - we reverse where the blood and oxygen flows.

The next time you have a headache, remember these poses and see if they bring you any relief.


Sophie Wootton